My being a traveler, when I am Italy, certainly does not rank, indeed in my spare time, I organize various activities to visit villages or small Italian Italian cities.

On Monday 3rd June, Angelo and I decided to visit Sperlonga, a town that I adore for your tradition and for its charm, as well as for its undoubted beauty! Being a white village overlooking the sea, with white beaches and crystal clear water


It is no coincidence that Sperlonga is one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, and is a small town in the lower Lazio region, in the province of Latina, about 150 km from Rome and 120 km from Naples.

Sperlonga is situated on a rocky plateau wet on two sides by the Tyrrhenian Sea and surrounded by beaches and cliffs.

An ideal destination for the most curious tourism in terms of art, culture and history.

Easily reachable from every part of Italy, this small town can really offer a unique and unexpected vacation.

The historic center

The historic center of Sperlonga is the first thing to see. A small town made of wedding offers a splendid vacation in the city and the beauty of this place. Every time I go I get lost in those white walls and it’s always like the first time. The white village can be visited on foot by bicycle starting from the seafront of Sperlonga. Otherwise you get to the village by car, parking in the underground parking lot just before entering the village. Below you will find 5 other things to see, absolutely a Sperlonga.

What to see in Sperlonga

A characteristic element of this locality are the four towers. Built in the Middle Ages to defend themselves from the Saracens, today they are one of the most visited tourist destinations. The Central Tower and the Tower of the Nibbio are today incorporated between the houses of the town, giving that perched and tortuous aspect. The Torre Truglia, on the other hand, has been restored several times, and has also hosted for several decades the headquarters of the Guardia di Finanza, which is why it is kept in good condition. The small and picturesque churches of Sperlonga are also worth a visit, located mostly in the ancient heart of the city.

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