What to take on the road?

Hello my dear fellow travelers, if you’re reading this article is because maybe you’re about to make a new trip. I’m happy for you.
In this article I will talk about what to bring on a trip and what you must not forget.

As a travel blogger I have a great spirit of adventure, and when I decide to leave I think only to bring the necessary.

This is why I tell you how I managed to eliminate the problem of hand baggage, which I do now even without problems a few hours before departure.We could not leave without a camera 20 years ago, let alone today that we are anxious to immortalize even the food dishes we eat. Camcorders and cameras are perhaps the things I worry about a few days before departure. I check if I have all the batteries charged and especially if the SD cards are free.

Always remember to bring ID and passport. I have a small bag where I put the money together with the documents. Obviously do not forget the MONEY, they are very important in travel.

If you are about to take a long trip, I advise you to bring a sleeping bag. You never know where you’ll be sleeping, it happened to me several times to be tired during the excursions and not to return to the hotel.

Being a travel blogger lover of lightness, in my travels I bring only what I need. And so I bring only the necessary number of clothes.

When you take a trip organized with an agency or decide to go and visit a city, you do not think about medicines. Because in the cities, pharmacies can find them. But when, like me, you are hiking at 3000 meters, you can not think of finding a pharmacy! 🤣
So when you prepare your suitcase for your next trip always remember to bring essential drugs.

His name is Water-to-go and is a travel purifier. Thanks to the filter, easily screwed at the cap, it is able to remove more than 99.9% of harmful microbiological agents for our organism present in water as: Viruses, Bacteria, Cysts, Protozoa and heavy metals as well as filtering bad smells and tastes.

On many occasions I found myself without water and in areas not inhabited. Water-to-go allowed me to drink lake and canal water and avoid dehydration.

For more information and see my demonstration click here: What’s water-to-go?

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